Providing all the energy and presence of a five peice band, FUDGE combine talent and experience with the right
technology, catering any size crowd... as a trio.

With the aid of professionally sequenced drums, bass and keyboards, or in a tasty acoustic format, no
venue is too large or too small.

With Jordan's versatility up front, his years of experience as a vocalist, DJ and MC are evident, right down to authentically DJ'd music breaks, accurate song selection, and an amazing voice whether fast or funky, smooth or sharp. FUDGE, unlike most bands, do not rely soley on their singer to drive their performance.

With the quirky and energetic Ben Webster, and the strong, mysterious yet
colorfull Glenn Mantel on the guitars, FUDGE delivers unique three part harmonies, driven by three unique entertainers... providing a little something for everyone!

Contact us on Facebook or send us an eamil to fudge@fudgelive.com